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Sabtu, 28 Agustus 2010

Sampuraga (1) ...English Language Edition

From Sirambas Move Into Longat

By: Aziz AR. Panjaitan

   This paper began from the travel writer pilgrimage to the tomb of Sheikh Mustafa Hussein, a founder of the Traditional Islamic boarding school that was established in 1912, named Musthafawiyah. Located in New Ancient Village, District Nopan City, County Mandailing Natal (Madina), North Sumatra Province.

   After the pilgrimage of the boarding school students who could have as many as 12 thousand people in 1992, the author around the village on the slopes of active volcanoes, named Sorik Merapi. Many hot springs around this area. But alas, this place is not well-managed and properly become one of the objects of nature tourism destination.

   Around 15 KM from the location of Merapi Sorik, there are also natural potential is not managed well and correctly. Ironically, this resort is legendary in folklore until siantero North Sumatra Indonesia.

   Even recently, staging Opera Batak, Saturday Night, dated July 3, 2010 at the Theatre Arena Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta, around 19:30 o'clock AM, with the director Enrico Alamo, raised Sampuraga folklore. Tells the story of the prodigal son and condemned Hot Water Swimming Sirambas Village, District of West Penyabungan, Madina District.

   Opera Batak or creation of traditional arts Tilhang Oberlin Gultom (deceased) comes back into the public, in fact, famous art institute campus. Involving the players Theatre Sakata, Padangpanjang, and the original musicians from Tapanuli.

   But unfortunately, the location of so-called scene of the legend who is very famous, now almost completely wrapped in a thicket. Legend comes from advice-advice (oral literature), the old people in the village of Sirambas that, supposedly gave birth to a new legend, the son of the Sampuraga Longat located in the Village, still lived next door to the Village Sirambas.

   Stories old men in the village of Longat, in one place in the village, past the outskirts Bandungan precise irrigation, and through the plantations of cacao (chocolate) belonging to the local residents there are hot springs that luapannya more powerful than the Old Sampuraga location (in the Village Sampuraga Sirambas ). But this location there are no reliefs, buildings or the instructions of the legends, such as those found in the village of Sirambas.

   "Location sampuraga old has not treated. Moreover, the hot water overflow decreases. Many people visiting here. This place is known as Si Sampuraga children. Road legend Boy Sampuraga tantamount to previous Sampuraga story. Only a different location and the term, "said the local people, giving testimony to the author.

   Sure enough, at the former location of the Old Sampuraga very famous, now there is no indication the road, though the road to same-exactly the same location around the irrigation dam. Instructions location reads 'Sampuraga' is more obvious in Hot Springs Village Longat. (To be continued)

Photo Description
LONGAT: Visitors (25 / 7) saw a hot spring in Longat, called the local people as a location for Children Sampuraga. (Photo / red)

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